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As we witness the transformation of the earth and inevitably head towards a new year, we receive a golden opportunity to embrace and integrate the cycles of the natural world into the cycles of our own lives.Ā 

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backpacking in the mountainsDespite all theĀ bad stuff in theĀ news,Ā there have been some great advances for the environment in 2020! Yogo's Good in Green series combines our passions for theĀ environment, positive solutions and an optimistic mindset.
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yogi seated stretch poseLate fall has arrived, and with a pandemic still going, stress-relief is more needed than ever! But with studios closed, how do you "start yoga" atĀ  home? It's easy! Here are 6 tips to start a juicy and rewarding yoga practice from home that will actually stick.
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yogi cobra poseWhat is one thing you are really grateful for today?Ā What is another?Ā Listing 3 things a day can lead to a radical shift in perspective.
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yoga on the road van life
Home is where the heart is; or for us, home is where you park it. Vanlife is a simple life. It has to be! There just isn't room for much stuff! We have to prioritize: bringing things that have more than one purpose and leaving others behind.
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yogi on the beach reverse warrior poseIn this guest blog, Yogo Ambassador and Yoga Instructor Michelle reveals her cultural and logistical surprises of taking yoga to Spain.
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yogi meditating outdoors
Read on for reasons that more men are showing up to class, working yoga into their basic fitness, using it to hone athletic performance, and our predictions for the future.
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food trees for poverty
We are excited to officially launch ourĀ Food Trees for PovertyĀ programā€šĀ whichĀ restores the environment andĀ helps rural families feed themselves.
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