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Good in Green: Year End News Roundup

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Hello Yogis!  Whew it's been a whirlwind holiday season up here in the Eastern Sierras, so we've been saving up for this roundup for a while! Yogo's Good in Green series combines our passions for the environment, positive solutions and an optimistic doodle

Despite all the bad stuff in the news, there have been some great advances for the environment in 2020!

Remember Tiger King from back in the happy-go-lucky days of Pandemic? Remember how disturbing the cats' conditions were? Well authorities thought so too, and a new House of Reps bill was passed to protect these big kitties.  Big Cat Protection.

Despite the Arctic being opened to drilling, nearly 30 big banks (who are increasingly concerned with climate risks) have publicly concluded that it is too risky and bad for business, and they will not fund Arctic oil and gas drilling. Vocal pushback from Indigenous and environmental groups was reportedly key to their decisions.  Banks Won't Fund Arctic Drilling.


Circular Economy: UN-Habitat and a private sector innovator will start building pilot homes made of locally-sourced plastic waste to tackle the housing shortage in Africa. Way cool! Recycled Plastic Homes.
In a win for forests, this year's Goldman Environmental Prize (which recognizes grassroots activists) will go to Nemonte Nenquimo, an amazing and tireless Waorani woman who was successful in getting 500,000 acres of Brazilian Amazon protected amongst other accomplishments. Nemonte Wins.
In recent years much more ecosystem-friendly hydropower technologies have emerged, as well as awareness of the destructive impacts of mega-hydropower. In a big win for salmon, tribal fishing communities, and forests, an agreement was reached in November to proceed with the largest dam removal in US history!  Klamath River Dam Removal. You can read more here about the interesting relationship between salmon and tribes


So-called Fast Fashion is getting a run for its money as young people get increasingly interested in second hand clothing. Demand for thrifted items is growing almost 10 times faster than fast fashion. We're a fan! Thrifting Platforms Explode.
Banana masks! The Abaca plant, related to the banana, has incredibly durable and water-repellant fibers. Production of face masks made from this biodegradable alternative to plastic have ramped up as the Philippine Department of Science and Technology have released a study finding Abaca masks to be more water repelant than a typical N95, and appropriate filter hole sizes. Potential of Banana Masks.

Release the Kraken! er... Goats. Jokes about forest raking have given way to serious interest in the potential of goats (who will famously eat "almost anything") to prevent wildfires by mowing through overgrown undergrowth. One charming video based in Australia showcases their success!  Mowing Goats Fight Fire. Or skim the article  here

-- With Gratitude, Your Fearless Founder, Jessica

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Photo credits: @womanifester is our yogi hiker model and @lunamunn is her photographer