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Flowing through New Year - Nature-Based Journal Prompts

The transition to 2021 has finally come!   It was an intense, powerful and unexpected year that disrupted every aspect of our lives.  Here one the first day of January, we are at the quietest, darkest point of winter. Mama nature teaches that our lives have seasons that change to keep us moving forward on our journey. 

As we witness the transformation of the earth and inevitably head towards a new year, we receive a golden opportunity to embrace and integrate the cycles of the natural world into the cycles of our own lives.  Before days get longer and more light is in the sky, we can take a moment to reflect on the change of seasons, and changes within us in 2020.

Change is the only constant, and letting go is the only way to find flow. 

Winter is our greatest reminder of the beauty in releasing what no longer serves us, allowing the death of aspects of ourselves to nourish our internal soil so that new life can be birthed in the Spring.

Through grounding and letting go, we can experience great growth amidst the discomfort of change.

If anything, this year has shown us that now more than ever it’s important to look at how we can show up for ourselves in times of transition and uncertainty. As we move through winter, we are reminded to balance the energy and effort we put out by creating space for restoration and going within.

What better way to facilitate this transition than by recommitting to ourselves and our practice?



Take a moment now when nature is most quiet, to reflect on the last year.  (We know some people experienced acute losses during the year, so feel free to skip prompts one and two if that is more supportive.)

What were some things that you had to let go of in 2020, and how did that change your life?   What people and activities did you lose contact with? What expectations were not fulfilled? 

What activities did you start, or people did you deepen your connection with during the year? Were there any that you will take with you into 2021? How will you stay connected?

What ideas, limiting beliefs or habits were you able to let go of, forced to let go of, or are you ready to let go of since they are no longer useful?   What would it feel like to release these in the new year?

What would it feel like to tap into more flow in your daily life?

What are some things that you could not control in 2020 and would be good to practice acceptance around?  How could you benefit from letting go and surrendering more? 

How can you show up more for yourself in this season of change and transition, and into the new year? What are some ways that you can introduce more ‘play’ into your life?

Have you been committed to a regular yoga, meditation, or gratitude practice? Nature therapy? How might you change up your routine to reinvigorate your commitment to your practice?

Winter is a time of allowing certain aspects of the past year to go back to the earth, and be re-digested, supporting the next year through compost.  How is this winter season of rest and endings reflected in your life? What are you ready to compost? 

Is there a change you have been hesitant to make because you would need to let go of something? What resistance can you release to be one step closer to surrendering the old and embracing the natural flow in your life?

What can you begin to release now that you don’t want to take with you into the new year and your new chapter?  

Is there anything or anyone you want to say goodbye to? Write it a short letter or note now. If it feels cleansing, you can put this letter in an envelope and burn it outdoors (somewhere safe, even on a barbecue).

Challenges and successes:  In what ways did you have a hard time in 2021 or not perform as well as you hoped? Make a list and then read it out loud, prefacing each item with “I forgive myself for....” 

In what ways did you persevere, prevail, or stay strong this year? Read these out loud too. Who or what helped you?


These forward-looking affirmations can be a great way to start your day. Choose with whichever affirmations resonate, repeating them three times out loud or writing them in your journal.  You can write them on a sticky to put on your mirror or near your computer screen.

  • I release resistance and allow ease
  • I ground knowing my clarity always comes from within
  • I recommit to my inner peace
  • I align with my highest path by allowing change
  • I embrace the lessons and change in this season
  • I am no longer held back by fears or limiting beliefs
  • I allow all that no longer serves me to be released
  • I align with a mindset of growth, I am ready for a change

Guidance for making the most of this Winter Transition

  • Bundle up, and get outdoors to appreciate the quiet beauty of winter.  If you have found a way to travel safely, be sure to bring yoga and your yoga mat with you: hatha yoga is a great way to integrate change and release into the very fibers of your body. You can take this journey right at home though.
  • Take a moment to reflect whether at home, spending time by a lake or taking in the view at the top of a mountain.
  • Gratitude lists. Gratitude is a super powerful way to call in more abundance. Making a list of 4-5 things we are grateful for each morning or each evening can work wonders for our mental health and wellness, by shifting from a focus of what is lacking, to a focus on how abundant the world is.
  • Warm-up. As mercury brushes the bottom of the thermometer, warm your body up with a morning flow that will get you connected and ready to take on the day, whatever it may hold.
  • Recommit to your practice. As we process change and tee up a new year, it’s more important than ever to recommit to ourselves and our practice, to create space for self-care, growth, and to support our mental, emotional, and physical foundations for joy and wellness. 
  • Take mindfulness on the go.   What is your essential wellness ‘wellness kit’ moving into the new year?  What essentials keep you grounded? It may be your favorite yoga props, a great teacher, gratitude practice, meditation, or just staying connected to great friends. Take a moment to really reflect on what your most effective tools are and recommit to keeping them close.

Happy new year everyone, we look forward to continuing the journey with you in 2021!!! 

Our guest author and photographer is Alexandra Graziano @alleewild. She can be found exploring and photographing the world, practicing yoga, and collabing with Team Yogo