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“Practice your downward dog anywhere. This foldable yoga mat becomes newspaper-sized...”
“No gym required… keeping you in place during the sweatiest down-dogs”
(September 2016 Print Edition)
“Travel yogi must haves… perfect size for backpackers”
“indispensable... conveniently packable... slippage-free”
"you can add a tree to your cart during check out. Love this."
"it won’t stretch. you’ll also do the world some good"
Gear Hungry Ultra - “Ultra is… extremely grippy even when covered in sweat“
“We tried out the @YOGOanywhere mat and we loved it!”
“The innovative YOGO Mat distinguishes itself not only by its minimalist school design - it is also the perfect traveling companion."
"Portable, foldable, stinkless yoga solution"
17 Gift Ideas for Gym Rats: "There's a distinct masculine quality to this minimalist mat." 
Named by Editors as:
Gifts for Mom, 2016
Gear of the Year, 2014

Top 10 Sticky Mats, 2014
Official DoYouYoga.com Product Pick: "By far the best travel mat."
Style 2014 Gift Guide: This "go-everywhere eco-mat...folds up to the size of a water bottle."
"Lightweight design with attached straps...allow(s) for easy cleaning and drying."
"The YOGO Mat provides minimalism, durability, and comfort for every outdoor Yogi."
"Compact yoga mat folds and snaps to fit in a backpack, laptop bag, or your carry-on."
Shopify Success Story: "Folding…keeps the top clean (brilliant!)."
"This Yoga Mat Will Fit Inside Your Work Bag."
"Ultra-grippy washable mat folds into a small bundle perfect for eco-conscious, on-the-go yogis."
"Sensational grip…in a small package…doesn't take up much space. I'm a very happy yogi."
"eco swag"
“pretty much the ideal travel yoga mat”
bad yogi erin motz
“perfect for tossing in a suitcase… stickiest yoga mat I’ve ever used”




“It's awesome!”
- Kaypacha Lescher, @newparadigmastrology

“Elegant and beautiful”
- Douglas Wick, Producer of film Gladiator

“officially my favorite travel yoga mat”
- Stephanie Snyder

- "I've never endorsed a product that I don't use in my yoga practice--and, even then it's rare. But, I use the YOGO mat for my personal practice, whether I'm practicing at home, in London, in New York, or wherever else I'm teaching on any given weekend."
- Jason Crandell

“awesome… I love the clip system”
- Random Rab



YOGO Mat Review: "I wish I had this mat while I was traveling last year."

Guinea Pigging Green
YOGO Mat Review: "One of my favourite purchases of the year."

Seacoast Online
YOGO Mat Review: "Perfect travel mat...to avoid extra baggage."

Fox News
“so unique because you can fold this like a newspaper... it's not that huge thing sticking out from under my arm when I'm on Bart...
“so unique because it has a minimalistic design and it brings convenience and cleanliness to your life”



Marie and the Makeup:
My 5 best tips to keep mind and body healthy while working overseas
22Places.com - Packliste Southeast Asia
What do you have to pack? “YOGO, so to speak Yoga to Go is perfect for my, or our purpose, which also Basti uses it for his workout.”
“perfect for hotel stays, camping trips, pit stops, and walks in the park… If you want something light and perfect for when you've got places to go, then YOGO is the best option!”
Rebate Zone - Holiday Gift Guide
Rebate Zone Review: "clean even without washing"

Yoga Nomads // Top 5 yoga mats
"We finally found the PERFECT travel mat!” ”Most expensive mat reviewed here (but well worth it)"
So Much Yoga - 5 best travel yoga travel mats of 2016
"We finally found the PERFECT travel mat!”
”Most expensive mat reviewed here (but well worth it)"
EverydayShortcuts gift guide
"stays cleaner longer"
Lexi Yoga
"high quality… great solution"
Meetings and Conventions Magazine
"portable zen” “relax on the road"
Miss Upstairs
Yoga M8
"A different travel mat"
Work From Om
"The tiny but mighty eco-friendly commuter mat that no urban yogi should leave home without."
Action in Solitude
"Perfect for packing into a suitcase for your vacation or for clipping to your backpack, commuting to your favorite studio."
A Side of Sweet
"We use our Yogo mats to do yoga even when we’re on the go traveling or camping."
Triple Pundit
"It’s so portable the Co-Founder ran a half-marathon with the YOGO on his back to show how easy it is to take yoga anywhere and everywhere."
Fresh Jess
"Not only is it everything I look for in a yoga mat, but it folds into the size of a light sweater."
Phil The Thrill
"With my new YOGO mat, I can maintain my yoga routine on the road, and I no longer have to sit on filthy motel carpet when I stretch."
Deco Design Blog
"For those who practice yoga, here is a mat that changes what we can find on the market."
Intention Daily
Holiday Gift Guide For Mindful People: "This is a very cool mat...I’ve loved having it. It goes everywhere with me."

"I can’t believe this hasn’t been invented until now. Imagine having a yoga mat right at your fingertips when you leave work or class for the day."

Yoga Tree
YOGO On the Road, by YOGO Ambassador Bradley Lyon: "I unconsciously yank out my YOGO Mat from my backpack and flip it open."

Gear Hungry
"Why not buy a mat that fits in the [bag] you’ve already got?"

Yoga Magazine
"What quickly stands out is the mat's strong anti-slip surface."

"Anyone with a love for yoga will absolutely adore the YOGO Mat."

Monica Renee Watson
"Totally transformed the traditional design of the modern yoga mat."

"Implication to triathletes? Fit yoga into your training...and beat the competition!"

Crowdfund Mafia
"A simpler, more efficient solution to practice yoga anywhere."

CTV News
"If toting around a yoga mat is a hassle, a lightweight new option might make your commuter life a bit easier."


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