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Discover Ultralight and Ultra Long

Introducing the Ultralight 4.0 and Ultra Long 4.0

You are holding the top-rated travel yoga mat!  Find out why the Wall Street Journal, CNET and others think we've designed the perfect yoga travel companion, and how to care for your mat below. 


The Ultralight and Ultra Long version 4.0 have a number of features that make them stand out from other options. 

  • Extra sticky grip. Super grippy natural plant-based rubber on both sides of the mat gives you a delicious down dog while also hugging the earth to keep it in place!
  • Attached straps keep the Ultralight and Ultra in a tiny packable bundle, and let you hang it up to dry after washing. The durable straps are recycled and sealed with 70lb hook and loop.
  • Due to our patented design, the surface stays more clean and free from germs: the top and bottom never meet unlike rolled mats so you have a practice surface that only touches your body
  • Super easy to deep-clean because it's designed to take in the shower with you then drip-dry within hours!
  • One tree planted per mat as part of our Food Trees agroforestry program. 
  • Made with certified-responsible natural rubber and 99.9% latex-free.

Ultra-Sustainable Materials: our Farm to Table Promise
At Yogo we are committed to supporting human potential in a way that's easy on the earth. We make our mats with plant-based natural tree rubber tapped from trees, and Yogo is the only yoga company to commit to buying 100% of our natural rubber from certified-sustainable, traceable farms! All of our rubber farms are inspected and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) to grow responsibly, protect the rainforest, uphold native peoples' rights and pay fair wages. 

Certification is important! When natural rubber is not certified traceable to a sustainable farm, it could have been involved in slash-and-burn plantations that destroy the rainforest. Every partner in our supply chain including Yogo (lic.# C041262) is certified by FSC, so you can be sure that every mat is traceable back to its sustainable source. 

rubber tapping

    User Manual: How to Fold
    The secret to the Ultralight's packability and cleanliness is its folding design!  

    Yogo Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat Folding Instructions

    Be sure to fold your mat neatly like origami each time!  First place the mat on the ground with the straps side down. Next, fold it in half long-ways like a hot dog.  Then fold it in half the other direction four times.  Now you should have a newspaper type bundle. Squeeze it nice and flat, and pull the straps around to secure.  Beautiful job!  Now it's ready for adventure.