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Smart, Healthy Solutions For Busy Yogis

At Yogo we believe that the objects in your life should be simple, beautiful, long-lasting, and made from the best materials Earth has to offer.

Each of our products is thoughtfully designed for better performance and beautifully-simple design that is at home on the road, or home environments.

We are committed to developing and sourcing only the most healthful, non-toxic ingredients, whether that takes us into a lab or a farm.

You should never have to compromise performance and style while making the greenest choices!

One tree planted per mat.

the yogo mat is compact

The Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat folds and buckles into a book-size that is easy to stow anywhere.


the yogo mat is clean

The Ultralight's origami folding design keeps the top clean because it never rolls up germs from the bottom. Discreet attached straps wrap the mat, hang it up to drip dry after rinsing, and provide an easy carry!


the yogo mat is grippy

Our glorious grip was developed by teams of engineers over many years, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the traction!



the yogo mat is eco-friendly

Sustainability is in our DNA, and a baseline for all Yogo products. We go beyond 'giving back' in our Trees program: as you invest in yourself with the best products, you are also advancing the most responsible production methods.