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Preorder! Ultralight 4.0 Folding Travel Yoga Mat


ETA for this preorder is January.


Limited edition! Make space for your practice wherever you go with this smart, packable travel yoga mat rated #1 by Wall Street Journal, CNET, Business Insider and others.

  • Crafted for your adventures!
  • Perfectly packable to the size of a newspaper
  • Simple stay-clean, easy-wash design
  • Beautifully bundled using attached straps
  • Gloriously grippy surface
  • Farm-to-studio® rubber certified by FSC®
  • One tree planted per mat
  • Good for you, good for the rainforest

  • Imagine unfolding your Ultralight before a serene Thailand sunrise overlooking the beach.  Naturally high-grip rubber will support your flow anywhere! 

    The Ultralight is a perfect travel companion at just 2.1 lbs, a full size mat that neatly folds to the size of a newspaper. Say goodbye to dirt with our clever folding design – the Ultralight stays clean as the top never touches the bottom. Plus, a quick rinse and hang by the straps, and it's fresh and dry in no time! 

    Eco-Conscious Build: Responsibly-sourced, sustainable materials unite to create a mat that's kind to you and the planet. Yogo only sources our plant rubber from FSC®-certified, responsible and eco-friendly farms that protect the rainforest, uphold native peoples' rights and pay fair wages. Raise the vibes of your body and the Earth with responsible products!

    As always, we plant one tree per yoga mat with a low-income family in Africa as part of our poverty-alleviation Trees program. 


    • Weight: 2.1 lbs 
    • Thickness: 1.7 mm
    • Dimensions: When open 24” x 68”, when folded 12” x 2” x 4.5”
    • Certified-responsible tree rubber, recycled straps and label

    What's New? 

    We’ve listened and evolved several improvements:

    • No buckles: more sleek, and softer on the feet
    • Grippier grip: our new rubber formula is a traction dream
    • Thicker: a touch more squish for stretching bliss
    • Product is certified by FSC® to use responsibly-farmed plant rubber
    • Recycled straps and label

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 354 reviews
    Great travel mat

    I like the size and grip of the mat. Perfect for travel.

    Shay H.
    LOVE this mat

    The Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat is fantastic. I wish I had found it sooner. The grip is better than any other mat I have used. It folds up compactly for travel with attached straps/handle. I especially like that it folds back on itself so the downward surface only touches itself, not the top of the mat or inside of my luggage. If you need a light mat for home or travel, do not hesitate - this mat is great!

    Tina S.
    Yogo folding yoga mat

    I love the mat - it folds up nicely, can be easily carried with the straps and is lightweight. I purchased for my son who does yoga as part of his soccer program and it fits nicely in his backpack. However he did note that it is a bit thin and could be more cushioned as he found it hard on his knees.

    Maureen D.
    Love this mat!

    Super light, portable, and grippy. Straps make it easy to fold up and transport, and textured exterior stays clean and looks great.

    Carolyn M.

    this is so cute and easily fit in my suitcase. I am hoping to take to Europe in a 19Inch suitcase. It is easy to fold up and clip together. I currently have in my bedroom for any quick yoga at 0300 and travel plan to buy for friend.

    So glad you love it!