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Ultra Long 4.0 Folding Travel Yoga Mat



The extra long version of our Ultralight. Elevate your practice on-the-go with our award-winning travel yoga mat, rated #1 by Wall Street Journal, CNET, Business Insider and others.  It's the Best Travel Yoga Mat Ever Made®!

  • Spread out with this ultra-long (6'7") and wide version of the Ultralight
  • Designed for for adventure!
  • Packs up small to the size of a newspaper
  • Securely bundles using attached straps: won't come unfolded and has a carry strap
  • Simple stay-clean folding design: top never touches the bottom, no more cooties!
  • Easy clean: designed to go in the shower with you then drip dry by the straps within hours
  • Gloriously grippy surface on both sides, award-winning traction
  • Certified by FSC®: 100% of our natural rubber comes from responsible plantations
  • One tree planted per mat, through our poverty alleviation program
  • Good for you, great news for the rainforest!

The Ultra Long is a tall yogi's perfect travel companion!  Folding neatly to the size of a newspaper, the naturally high-grip rubber deepens your down dog anywhere.  Say goodbye to rolling germs and sweat up into your mat after practice: our smart patented folding design ensures the top never meets the bottom, keeping your surface pristine. Plus it’s so easy to clean on the go: a quick shower rinse, hang overnight by the straps, and it's fresh and dry in no time.

Eco-conscious build: Responsibly-sourced, certified sustainable materials unite to create a mat that’s kind to you and to the planet. Yogo is the first company to commit to buying 100% of our natural plant rubber from FSC®-certified, socially-responsible and eco-friendly farms that protect the rainforest, uphold native peoples' rights and pay fair wages. In addition, our durable straps and label are made with 100% recycled water bottles, helping to keep oceans plastic-free. Raise the vibes of your body and the Earth with responsible products! 

As always, we also plant one tree per yoga mat with a low-income family in Africa as part of our poverty-alleviation agroforestry Food Trees program.

Elevate your practice, respect the planet, and fuel your wanderlust with our Ultra Long 4.0 Travel Yoga Mat. Join us in spreading good vibes, one fold at a time!


  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Thickness: 1.7 mm
  • Dimensions: When open 26” x 79”, when folded 13” x 2.2” x 4.5”
  • Certified-responsible tree rubber; recycled straps and label

What's New?

Say hello to Version 4.0's improvements, fresh for 2024!

  • No buckles: for sleekness and softness on the feet
  • Grippier grip: our updated formula is a traction dream
  • Thicker: a touch more squish for stretching bliss
  • Now certified by FSC® to include only responsibly-farmed plant rubber
  • Recycled straps and label, keeping trash out of the ocean

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    LOVE ❤️ My Yogo Travel Mat 🙏

    I am so happy that I purchased this mat for travel! It’s lightweight, compact, perfectly sticky, and has a natural feel keeping me connected to the Earth as I practice Yoga in new locations. Thank you Yogo for providing this quality mat to help keep my Yoga practice going with love and ease wherever I am!

    Chantal D.

    Ultra Folding Yoga Mat, Long

    Julia v.N.
    Great purchase!

    Very happy so far. Does it's job. Indeed a bit slippery when sweating but that is a minor thing. Can be used as a picknick thing too, only very expensive transport costs but that doesn't say much about the product ofcourse. Love from NL!!

    Carl C.

    Ultralight Long Folding Yoga Mat

    Love it!

    Super light, beautiful, grippy, and eco. I just love to travel around the world with it and do Yoga anywhere, anytime! : )