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Beeracuda: Because you don't need your big mat bag any more.

March 10, 2014

The YOGO Mat will free up a lot of extra real estate and weight on your back and shoulders, but what will you do without your old mat bag or sling? Experiencing separation anxiety? Wish you had more stuff to carry? Why not buy or DIY-convert your bag to a Beeracuda!  

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Honoring Kumar Pallana: "My Soul is My Guru"

February 09, 2014

Today we are incredibly inspired by Kumar Pallana, a self-made man who often appeared in Wes Anderson movies, and who allowed his soul to be his own Guru. Kumar was a yoga teacher, plate-spinner, vaudevillian, actor, and acrobat. Be inspired by his life philosophy, warmth and humor in this wonderful video.

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