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Yoga for Runners

July 24, 2014

     Over time, the repetitive motions of running can create injuries and pain in joints like ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. Ouch! As a runner, adding a yoga program to your regular exercise routine is super easy, feels awesome, and can improve your overall performance. There are many different movements and poses you can do to increase stamina, strength flexibility, and reduce recovery time.     When practicing yoga the muscles and ligaments are lengthened to restore pliability and range of movement. Poses that target the hips, hamstrings, and quads are the crescent lunge, single-legged pigeon, warrior I, II & III, triangle, chair pose, and half moon pose.     Stretching those limbs 3-4 times a week to loosen up those...

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YOGO Origami 101: How To Fold Your YOGO Mat

June 25, 2014

Want to see how the YOGO mat works? Forgot how to fold yours? 
Check out our new folding video on YOGO TV!

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