Google Yoga Tailgate Party - YOGO

Google Superbowl Yoga Classes

Celebrate game week the healthy way:
yoga for athletes, DJs, and local vendors.

Susan Hauser

Power Vinyasa Sports Yoga Teacher

Susan Hauser

Yoga on the Marina Green


Google Yoga Dome

Local green vendors and healthy food

Browse the yoga festival grounds for
healthy food, beverage, and gear from local startups

Gear and Clothing [eg]

  • YOGO - travel yoga gear
  • IndoSole - surf clothing
  • Amour Vert - green clothing
  • Stella&Dot - boutique and styling
  • Standard & Strange - mens clothing
  • Title Nine - womens athleticwear
  • American Giant - best hoodie in the world
  • Marine Layer - fine sports clothing


Food and Beverage [eg]

  • Hint - healthy flavored waters
  • CaCoCo - drinking chocolate
  • Kombucha Kulture Kombuchatinis
  • Equator Coffee - coffee, waffles
  • Achadinha Cheese Company
  • Maple Water - water from maple trees
  • KuliKuli - super-green bars
  • Flour Craft Bakery - gluten free treats

eco travel yoga gear kits by YOGO 

YOGO produces award-winning eco-friendly, compact travel fitness gear with superior performance through better design. The YOGO Ultra is the first travel fitness mat designed for athletes.

Susan Hauser teaches Power Vinyasa yoga bringing awareness to growing demographics like men, athletes, and teens. Voted "Best Yoga in Marin" she is a strong presence in the Bay Area yoga community and a leader for teaching yoga as a way to cross train for many sports. Teaching 600 students per week and as a past Division 1 college swimmer she conveys the benefits of yoga for performance from an athlete's perspective.

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