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    Either - both sides are very sticky. As long as you stick with one side it will stay more sanitary than a rolling mat because it does not touch the bottom.


    The YOGO Mat is the stickiest mat you can buy. It will stay stickier than other mats in hot yoga up until a certain moisture level - then it is safer to use a yoga towel.


    The YOGO mat has a minimalist slim design in order to offer the minimum cushioning required and maximum portability. This slim profile allows it to have excellent traction and stability for advanced poses, and it has extreme rubbery grip. 


    Sure! The YOGO is more convenient for anyone that leaves the house. It is phenomenal for commuting and provides a clean practice area anywhere, including carpeted hotel room floors, the beach or the park.


    YOGO Mats are made with biodegradable natural tree rubber from renewable long-term non-Amazonian tree plantations. Their straps are recyclable plastic so that at the end of the mat’s life all of it can be recycled or biodegrade.


    We want you to love the products you buy from us, and we guarantee all YOGO products to perform at the highest standards of quality. YOGO Mats come with a lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturer defects.  If you receive a defective product we will repair or replace it - just submit a return request.  Our warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use or care (please read our Care Instructions on this page). Should the damage or deterioration result from improper use, storage and or any other activity that is not the intended use of the mat you will not be covered under the scope of this warranty. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information. 


    We believe that building quality products is more sustainable. The YOGO Mat uses only the best materials and is designed to last 5 years or more even when used regularly. It is a very durable eco-friendly mat that won't crumble while you use it, and that you won't have to continually replace.


    It is possible that they contain an extremely small amount. YOGO Mats are 99.9% latex-free. If you have a severe latex allergy, to be safe we suggest you do not buy this natural rubber product, or that you test it on a small spot on your skin first.


    Please follow these care instructions to ensure a long lifetime for your YOGO Mat.

    • Cleaning: the YOGO is designed to be rinsed in the shower and buckled to the shower bar to air dry thoroughly after each use. It can also be deep-cleaned it with a natural Castile soap and rinsed and dried thoroughly.
    • Make sure the mat is thoroughly dry before storing it.
    • Do not store a YOGO mat in the sun. It is made of natural materials and can get burnt.
    • Be kind! Don't stab the mat or use it as a hammock and swing from it. The straps very strong but not designed to support your weight.
    • Please use YOGO Mats for yoga and other similar floor exercises only. 

    Yes. YOGO mats are a great way to show your employees and clients that you care about their health, and we are also able to co-brand. Contact us at info@yogo.net for more information.


    To keep your YOGO Mat clean and sticky, rinse and hang it dry by its straps it every few times you use it. You can periodically scrub it down with natural Castile soap then rinse thoroughly and hang dry. Still slipping? Spray it down with a mix of 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar, wipe with a damp cloth and air dry.



    1. Unsnap the integrated straps and re-buckle them into loops.
    2. Lay out the mat with straps down to keep them out of the way, or the threaded side up if you prefer it.


    1. Start with the mat open and the straps down.
    2. Fold the mat in half the long way, pulling the far corner over to the straps corner.
    3. Fold in half, with the toe of the mat meeting the top where the straps are. Fold four times until it makes a burrito shape.
    4. Tip: grip the mat flat with your hand like a newspaper so it gets compact.
    5. Buckling: Undo the straps if they are buckled. Pull the open strap tight as you wrap around and re-buckle.

    We understand that sometimes people change their mind. YOGO is happy to accept returns of unopened and undamaged merchandise purchased from our website within fourteen (14) days of purchase. A refund for the cost of the merchandise will be issued to your original form of payment, minus a $5 restocking fee. When returning merchandise to YOGO, you are responsible for paying for any and all shipping costs, duties, taxes, and/or customs brokerage fees associated your return.

    To return an item:

    (1) Contact us at info@yogo.net to request a return and explain the reason for the return. If accepted we will issue an authorization email. 

    (2) If the return is approved, pack your unused item in the original box or another unmarked box, include a copy of (1) your original online receipt, and (2) the approval email. Returns lacking an approval will not be processed. 

    (3) We will credit back the value of the goods to your original form of payment.


    To exchange a YOGO item purchased from our website, simply make a return of the unused merchandise and place an order for a new one. Unless YOGO mistakenly sent the wrong merchandise, when exchanging merchandise with YOGO, you are responsible for paying for shipping expenses associated with the return and new order.

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