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How much is shipping?

Our fancy shopping cart will quote you the exact price for your address during checkout automagically. You can double check all the charges before you purchase. Domestic orders usually range from $5-$15, and international can range from $15 to $45.

How long will it take to arrive?

We need two business days to receive and prepare your order, and US shipping typically takes 1-3 business days once the courier has it. International orders usually take 3-5 days once picked up by DHL.

How do I pay import tax and brokerage internationally?

Some countries may impose a tax or customs duty when you import a product. This rate is up to the recipient country. Our fancy system will magically talk to your country’s customs through the interweb, and handle all the icky paperwork. Then DHL will bring it to your doorand you can pay COD any usually-small tax or customs fee, yay!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Anywhere with a postal address. DHL will contact you in the recipient country to arrange delivery and customs fees.

This is a yoga emergency, can I overnight it?

Hmmm, we would be devastated if it did not make it on time, so we don’t want to overpromise any overnighting. But we can ship it to your destination, and it will cost about the same as overnight would have.

Why is my international shipping so much?

We use DHL and have a very discounted rate with them. After many years this is the best quality and cheapest thing we have found! Going slower does not save money. We do not offer non-tracked shipping, in order to prevent lost packages and tears. USPS tracked shipping costs more than DHL. Sometimes, there is an extra charge for a more rural address. If you think this might apply to you, perhaps see if there is a larger city address that you could use.

Do you ship to a hotel?

Yes, all the time. To make sure it gets to you, we recommend writing: Guest before your name, and Hotelin the street address, but do not put this as the business name as some customs think that the hotel is the recipient.

There is no shipping displaying for my country

Please try double checking the spelling and zip code format; sometimes these have to be perfect or the system will not recognize it. For example is there a space in the zip code? Another common issue is typing the entire street address in the first line. If it is long, take up two lines so the computer systems can find it in the interwebs.

My item never arrived.

Don’t panic, is very seldom actually lost. If your item does not seem to have arrived, first try tracking it using the confirmation email link. If it says delivered but you don’t see it, it is almost certainly with the neighbor, at the back room in the hotel, stuck in the wrong PO box, etc. Ask around a few times, and with a few people, and it will probably turn up.

YOGO’s job is to get the package safely into the hands of the courier of your choice, and their job is to get it to your address as you typed at checkout. The fastest thing is to look for it at the destination and if you need help we can chat or if need be (hopefully not), we can help you submit a claim with the courier.


How do I work this crazy newfangled origami mat thing?

We are so glad you asked! Folding the Ultralight neatly will spark much joy, and keep it in a delightful bundle. Please watch this zippy folding and washing video. Did you catch that? Here it is again step by step:

Put the straps side down when you use the mat, away from your body. Straps are tough, and they go on the ground, and the outside of the folded mat. Reclip the straps to keep them out of the way before you practice. When you are ready to fold it up, fold the Ultralight skinny-ways first towards the straps (make the long edges touch like a hot dog bun) keeping the straps down. Then fold it in half (toe to straps) four times keeping straps done. Then pick up the mat all neatly folded like a newspaper and hold if flat with one hand, while you pull the straps around then clip.

There is also a handy diagram at the top of this page.

Aaaaaak I used it the wrong direction.

It’s ok! You can restore your mat to its pristine glory by washing and rinsing in the shower or giving it an infrequent deep clean by going through the clothes washer on delicate, cold cycle, then hanging it up to dry.


Can I try it in a store? Why is there no store map?

You might see a YOGO product in stores, but we are currently focused on serving you directly with our zippy-fast delivery services. It was too hard to keep track of which of our whole sale partners were in stock or out of stock, and we don’t want to send you on a goose chase, so we aren’t using a map right now.

What is the Ultralight made with?

We are happy you asked. YOGO yoga mats are made with natural rubber tapped from a tree, grown on a long-term rubber tree plantation. Kind of like maple syrup. The rubber is collected from many small plantations then sent to our factory where it is mixed with about 20% other natural ingredients like dyes, preservatives, and stuff to make foam up into squishy rubber (as opposed to hard rubber like an eraser). Then it rests (like dough) and gets squished through a machine to make sheets. Then it gets cut, straps are sewn on, and it is boxed and sent to you!

At the end of the mat’s life it can biodegrade since it is made with natural materials. YOGO Mat Ultralight straps are recyclable plastic so if your local city accepts plastic 5 and 7, you can cut those off and put them in the recycling bin.

Is this rubber going to crumble?

Nope! We know that’s an issue for some soft mats, but the YOGO Mat uses only the best materials and is designed to last 5 years or more even when used regularly. (Search Hero Policy in this document). It is a very durable eco-friendly mat that won't crumble while you use it.

Is it made of latex?

YOGO Mats are 99.9% latex-free. Latex is the liquid stuff that comes out of a tree, and it turns into rubber when it gets heated and vulcanized and turned into a yoga mat. *However* It is possible that these mats contain an extremely small amount. If you have a latex allergy, to be safe we suggest you do not buy this natural rubber product.

Which side goes down?

The cloth side goes down, so that the inside stays cleaner (straps are on the outside, away from your body). But as long as you stick with one side it will stay more sanitary than a rolling mat because it the two sides don’t touch. (Boom!)

Is it sticky / non-slip / good grip?

Crazy-sticky. The yoga mat is made of real natural rubber from a tree, so it is super-duper mega sticky!

Is it good for hot yoga?

Yes and no. That crazy mega-stick when dry can lose traction when it gets very wet. Like all yoga mats, we recommend a towel for Hot Yoga for safety.

Isn’t the Ultralightkinda thin?

Yes and that is a key feature. This is what allows it to be so small and minimalist. Ultralight mats are surprisingly cushiony for how thin and light they are, but you are definitely more in touch with the ground. Super thick heavy mats have been marketed as ‘pro’, but many people like a thinner mat for greater stability and convenience.If you prefer a maximalist thick mat, then this may not be the right one for you. Try reading some of our customer reviews to see what people think of it!

If you are thrilled by the idea of a mat that fits in your purse, carry-on or day pack, and you don’t mind modifying a pose or two, then the Ultralight is your dream boat.

Is this an everyday mat?

Absolutely! Tons of our customers get this for travel then start using it as their around-town mat, especially if they live in an urban area or commute. Give it a whirl and see. The Ultralight is phenomenal for commuting and provides a clean practice area anywhere, including carpeted hotel room floors, the office, or the park.


Was this product made with good labor conditions, and where was it made?

Yes. Our mats are made in Taiwan, at a top-of-the line sustainable rubber facility that is very clean and pleasant and that we have personally inspected and received audits for. It carries ISO 14001 and 9001 certs as well as FSC. I visited both the rubber factory and the sewing factories and can personally certify that they were good places to work. YOGO is very concerned about these things and we are currently working on an initiative to go all the way to the plantation with our supply chain certification, and we hope to release a film on it.

How was this product made?

YOGO Ultralight mats are made with natural rubber tapped from trees in Asia. The rubber comes from long-term plantations, and the rubber is tapped by lightly scoring each tree in a way that it can produce the liquid latex sustainably for its whole lifetime (just like maple syrup is made). The rubber is dried and shipped to our factory where it is mixed with some preservatives and natural ingredients about 20% to allow it to stay aerated in a foam (common to all rubber mats). This sits for a while then is smooshed through a rolling machine to make flat sheets of rubber mats, then cut into shape.

Then our mats go to a separate sewing facility to get the straps sewn on, then back to the main factory to be folded, quality inspected a third time or so, then carefully boxed and labeled and put on a cargo boat to come to the United States. We visit our factory regularly and review their audits. It is atop quality facility in the region and carries ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications, as well as being FSC certified.

Natural rubber is much more expensive to work with, but we chose it because it comes from trees which absorb carbon thereby stabilizing the climate, and at the end of its life it biodegrades. So, it is a more earth-friendly, "cradle-to-cradle" approach.


I want to buy many, many YOGO Mats.

We are so happy! YOGO has an application process for corporate discounts, group rates, wholesale buyers, and distributors. Please contact us at sales@yogo.net or visit our buyerspage. We do offer co-branding and customization at a certain level of volume.

I am an influencer and I want to rep you!

Yay! Please take a spin around our @yogo Instagram to get to know us, and write us at social@yogo.net. Every year we do some collaborations with influencers and affiliates, so drop us a line!

Do you accept promotional blog posts?

At this time we do not host guest blogs that are a promotion (eg, backlink).


What is your warranty policy?

YOGO has a lifetime quality guarantee on all our products. If one of our items ever breaks or has a manufacturing defect, then we will replace or refund it. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, and you must treat your mat nicely according to our care instructions(do not leave it in the sun, don’t leave it out in the rain etc.) in order to be covered.

In order to request a warranty replacement, please write us at info@yogo.net with subject ‘Warranty Replacement” and attach photos of the problem. We’ll take it from there.

We do have an informal YOGO Hero Policy. If your mat has been all over the world and seen use every day for several years, and you wear it through, we consider you to be a certified hero. If you send us a picture of your heroic use wear, and ask us nicely, and we will probably give you a special deal on a replacement.


That brings us to…


Please follow these care instructions to ensure a long lifetime for your YOGO Mat!

Cleaning: the YOGO is designed to be rinsed in the shower and hung up by the straps to air dry thoroughly after each use. (Even overnight!). It can also be deep-cleaned with a natural ‘Castile’ soap (like Dr. Bronners) and rinsed and dried thoroughly. If your Ultralight took a beating camping or at the beach, you can even put it in the washing machine on cold and gentle cycle, then hang it up by the straps to dry.

Make sure the mat is thoroughly dry before storing it. Do not leave YOGO mats in water or rain for extended periods.

Do not store a YOGO mat in the sun. It is made of natural materials and can get burnt.

Be kind! Don't stab the mat or use it as a hammock and swing from it. The straps very strong but not designed to support your weight.

Please use YOGO Mats for yoga and other similar floor exercises only.


I ordered the wrong color.

Quick!Write us at info@yogo.net. Our fulfillment team leaps up out of savasana, and rushes down to the warehouse whenever you place an order. However if it has not gone out yet, we will do our very best to make a change.

I want to return my YOGO item.

We understand that sometimes people change their mind. YOGO is happy to accept returns of unopened and undamaged merchandise purchased from our website within fourteen (14) days of purchase. A refund for the cost of the merchandise will be issued to your original form of payment. When returning merchandise to YOGO, you are responsible for paying any shipping, duties, taxes, and/or customs brokerage fees associated your return. To return an item just:

(1) Contact us at info@yogo.net to request a return and explain the reason for the return. If accepted we will issue an authorization email.

(2) Pack your unused item in any container, and include a copy of (1) your original online receipt, and (2) the approval email, to the address we provide.

(3) We will credit back the value of the goods to your original form of payment, minus a 10% restocking fee. Please allow a few weeks for this to process.

I want to exchange for something different.

To exchange a YOGO item purchased from our website, simply make a return of the unused merchandise and place an order for a new one. Unless YOGO mistakenly sent the wrong merchandise, when exchanging merchandise with YOGO, you are responsible for paying for shipping expenses associated with the return and new order.

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