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Features of an Incredible Travel Yoga Mat

What are all the things to look for when investing in a great travel yoga mat? When on the road yogis want something that is compact, easy to fit in bags, clean, and has great performance. Below are some of the things we think you should look for in a mat, (and of course reasons that the YOGO Mat has been awarded Gear of the Year and Top Sticky Mat by Yoga Journal).

While commuting by foot to yoga in Washington, DC we noticed several problems. First the gear is heavy and inconvenient to carry. Big mats are fine at home, but on transportation they smack people, you can’t bike with them, and they are really heavy and inconvenient when you have other bags. In fact, why do you need another bag? Lastly they are inconvenient to wash and a lot of them are made from unsustainable plastic that can be slippery. We set out to design a compact convenient mat more like a piece of high-performance gear, that could snap up small package and go in a backpack.  

Here are the points that make YOGO Mats the perfect travel yoga gear:

  • Portable: YOGO Mats are slim as a yoga towel but sticky for traction and just thick enough for basic cushioning. So with the same space as a water bottle, you can fit a whole actual yoga mat, and not have your hands slip. This is a game-changer because it means fitting a mat in that bag, biking to work, or taking one less bag to work. Huge!


  • Fast to clean: if your travel involves overnight stops, packing up a wet mat is a serious non-starter. YOGOs are designed to go in the shower with you, then hang up by their straps to dry overnight - key for easiness and quick changes. Also, their origami folding design makes them stay cleaner in the first place by folding the top away from the bottom instead of rolling dirt on top.


  • Sustainable Performance: When selecting material you want something that will last but is also eco-friendly. This can be a tough trade off as many natural materials are slippery, heavy, or fall apart. After many years we found a rubber formulation with about 80% biodegradable natural rubber that is also super sticky, and has cushioning due to foam. YOGO Mats use natural tree rubber harvested from long-term plantations in Asia which makes them MUCH more sustainable than your average plastic mat. Also, for every one you buy, a food tree is planted in a poor community in Africa along with sustainable agriculture training. That is some serious good!

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  • Ethical: From the very beginning we wanted to build a sustainable, ethical company that not just produced a green product but went above and beyond to make social impact. That is why we were so happy to launch our Food Trees program and why we support charitable efforts on a regular basis.
We think these are all the features to allow you to become a true yoga nomad.


Learn more and buy YOGO Ultralight here.

Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson


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