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Grounded on the Road

As we look out at a fresh year in January 2017, it’s a great time to think about how to stay more grounded and mentally and physically fit in all your trips with yoga.

Travel is an awesome opportunity to gain perspective, get away, expand, and unwind. But it can also be stressful and interrupt daily routines. Don’t leave your yoga practice at home! Travel can actually be a BETTER time to do yoga. Here is a list of reasons to keep your practice with you on the road.

  • Stay calm in chaos. Travel is fun but sometimes really stressful. Yoga helps us to connect with breath, and get grounded, come what may. This is great on a fun vacation but even better during a stressful trip.
  • Long waits. Trips often mean slowing the pace of life all the sudden or surprise long waits. Instead of ‘wasting time’, getting frustrated, or diving back inside your swirly thoughts, yoga allows the savvy traveler to stay present, let go of stress and let new perspectives sink in.
  • Decompression. It’s often said that travelers take several days to unwind. Yoga can help accelerate that process, coaxing the traveler into letting go of a chattering monkey-mind, and arriving mentally and emotionally at the destination. Travel is your job? Even better to firmly demarcate a space of your own and defend your wellness on a busy trip.
  • Stretching. Traveling is uncomfortable for the body! Habitual travelers can attest to the benefits of taking a regular practice of stretching centering and toning on the road.
  • Deepen change of perspective. Travel gives us the opportunity to get outside of our daily routines, take a step back from life and gain perspective. Yoga can help us let go of stress and be open to the joy, new ideas, and creativity that new places can bring.
  • Be Present. Travel takes us out of daily routines when we are often absent-minded, and forces us to be present and notice our true nature. Yoga can deepen this opportunity to become more self-aware.

Stay fit in mind and body, our yogi friends!


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