YOGO NEWS! Updates & Tips From YOGO

YOGO NEWS! Updates & Tips From YOGO

Dear YOGO Community, 

We hope you're having a great summer! Our launch is going great! For those of you who missed out on Issue #2 of the YOGO newsletter we thought we would share some of the company updates we featured.  The launch of our innovative, compact travel yoga mat is going great - here are some updates:


The positive product reviews on yogo.net has been overwhelming! Some of our favorite praise is at the very bottom of this email. If you haven't yet posted a review, we would love to hear what you think! 
You also love us in person! Earlier this year we attended both Yoga Journal Live! Conference (San Diego) and The Yoga Conference (Toronto), selling out on the very first day. You guys are crazy about this product!  We will be popping up for events around the San Francisco Bay Area regularly too, so please stay tuned.  


YOGO Mats are now now carried in stores as well.
(Find locations 

We have lots more stores coming so keep checking back for locations near you.


We've put together a few videos for your viewing enjoyment. Need a reminder on how to fold a YOGO Mat or on why they're great? Check out our YOGO DemoShort Demo and Folding Instructions.


If you are here reading this, you've probably noticed that YOGO has a blog. It will be featuring fun tips to spice up your yoga practice. You can read our Yoga For Runners post here.


Love your YOGO and want to share the joy? Sing it from the mountains! Email us your YOGO photos or tag your #yogomat on Instagram to be featured on our website

We LOVE getting these submissions. Here are some of our favorite photos so far:

That's all for now!  Stay tuned for, and stay connected!

All our Best,
The YOGO Team



Here are a few of the awesome write-ups and feedback we've received from yogis who love theYOGO Mat:
  • Stephanie Snyder: Officially my favorite travel mat!
  • Pat Bailey: Finally a mat that can keep up with me! I'm crazy about my newYOGO mat...perfect for the urban warrior that I am!
  • Joshua A.Best travel mat! It's sticky, it packs small, it's easy to clean, perfect yoga travel mat!

  • Andrea C.: very sticky! great compact size. perfect for keeping in my purse during airport travel. good to have at work if there is a 15min break for a little yoga. does not draw attention when I walk on the streets between jobs. perfect thin layer to stay off the ground, but not a mat for somebody looking for lots of padding of course. very happy I bough this! i like this mat better than the manduka eKO superlite travel mat because it is easier to store. but both mats are about the same size/thickness and weight. 

  • Jeremy Y.: Awesome mat!  I travel 4 days a week, every week. YoGo is a great way for me to bring my practice wherever in the country (or world) I end up! Easy to carry, clean, and dry, my hotel rooms are transformed into my own Yoga studio!

Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson


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