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Yoga fights disease as much as cardio

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Hi YOGO supporters. Yoga’s health benefits are well documented and go way beyond esoteric energetic alignment. According to a new study, unsurprisingly, exercise appears to reduce the risk of diabetes, but here’s the interesting news: yoga counts as much as cardiovascular exercise.  In a recent study based on data from 100,000 women, strength building exercise was found to reduce the risk of diabetes as much as cardio exercises like running. That's a pretty amazing health benefit.

Other studies have also shown yoga to have a similar effect on the body as cardiovascular exercise: lowering the resting heart rate, increasing endurance, and improving oxygen uptake during exercise.

Yoga’s list of concrete health benefits is pretty astounding (you may want to sit down for this):

  • Improved flexibility leading to less pain.
  • Stronger muscles - balanced by improved flexibility.
  • Improved lung capacity leads to better endurance and performance.
  • Improved uptake of oxygen gives an anti-oxidant and anti-aging effect even for pranayama yoga (non-cardio) practitioners. 
  • Better core strength leading to better posture.
  • Supple joints and spine. Stretching nourishes cartilage by circulating its fluids which carry nutrients. This makes it healthier and fights off arthritis.
  • Yoga promotes lymph drainage (a body fluid) which helps fight infection, destroy cancer and dispose of toxins. 
  • Lower blood pressure even through gentle yoga. 
  • Lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that weakens the immune system, causes osteoporosis and over-eating, abdominal weight gain and  higher risk of diabetes and heart attack.  
  • It fights depression.  Sustained yoga leads to higher levels of serotonin and and a serotonin-absorbing enzyme (monoamine oxidase).
  • Can alleviate chronic conditions like depression, anxiety and insomnia. 
  • Lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol.  

If yoga came in a pill it would fly off shelves.


Sources: Yoga Journal, Mayo Clinic, Yoga Health Foundation 

Photo: Jeanette Pearson

Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson


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