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7 Ways Your Yoga Practice Makes A Better World

Feeling strong, empowered, and happy after taking a yoga class is definitely a good thing. Your post-yoga bliss not only helps you, it helps those around you. Every time you practice, you are making the world a better place to live.
Read the following reasons why fitting yoga into your lifestyle helps the world.   
1. Intention
Intention setting is a big part of yoga. People who set intentions more easily realize their potential. Even small intentions, such as willing a nagging headache to go away, can make a powerful impact on the world at large. When you believe in something, you tend to focus on the positive, rather than waste your precious energy on the problem. An attitude like this is contagious.
2. Flow
Moving in and out of poses in a rhythmic fashion is a Zen-like activity that is very soothing for the mind. When you practice being in the flow on the yoga mat, the benefits transfer into other aspects of life. You learn to experience pleasure in the mundane, and have a desire to take care of the little things that make the world go around.
3. Mindfulness
Yoga teaches you how to be completely present with thoughts and feelings during your practice. Having this same level of awareness in life means less arguing and more loving, less griping and more gratitude, less grasping and more giving.
4. Care
The feel-good aspects of yoga spur a need to take better care of your pets, the planet, and the people in your life. Your desire to be socially and environmentally responsible becomes undeniable due to the nourishing care you give yourself on the mat.
5. Surrender
Letting go is not the same thing as giving up. The final pose in yoga gives you a chance to let go of effort, so you can relax and enjoy your hard-earned bliss. Taking the same kind of break in life helps you release the stress and tension you have from over working. You are kinder, sweeter, and more productive when you are relaxed.
6. Reflection
A genuine practice softens the heart. It is impossible to turn inward and not awaken to the crap that keeps you stuck. When you do your work on the mat, you inevitably melt the hard shell you’re carrying around. Your relationships become deeper, your communication gets clearer, and your ability to forgive grows stronger. 
7. Inspiration
Tiny successes on the yoga mat can have a profound effect on your inspiration to go back to class. The more you practice the more inspired you will be with your mind, body, and spirit. People around you will begin to feel uplifted by your presence and negativity will have no chance at survival. 


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